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1A a a a chicken


Organic cage-free chickens are organically raised from egg to plate. They are given plenty of room to roam and eat a diet as nature intended since no pesticides or herbicides are used in their soil or their feed. Poultry raised in a natural, organic environment is able to thrive. This makes a huge difference in their overall health and the resulting taste and quality of their meat.

Organic meat is free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Since over half of the antibiotics used on farm animals are the same ones as used on humans, mass-production of poultry contributes to the overuse of these antibiotics which may contribute to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Mass-production of farm animals is harmful to the environment. Organically raised meat comes from farms that employ sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices.

Compare this with non-organic chickens that eat grains containing synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and byproducts made with blood, skin, feathers, and chicken feces. These chickens are crammed side by side, row upon row, in metal containers in warehouses with no sunlight which breeds disease, bacteria, and vitamin deficiencies.

To counter this, these chickens are given antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and small doses of arsenic so their meat has a healthier looking pink color before it is eventually treated with chlorine to kill the abundance of bacteria bred in these unsanitary and inhuman conditions. This nutritionally compromised meat is then injected with salt water to cover up its lack of taste.

Please, remember the old adage…you are what you eat. The quality of the meat you eat may not be the best place to cut your budget and save a few dollars. One option is to buy and eat less meat so that you can afford better quality meat. A great idea is to enjoy a meatless Monday once a week.